Triboro SC - PO Box 290 - Whitehall, PA 18052

Our Organization

Since the sport of soccer took hold in the United States there is no doubt that soccer has grown in interest and participation. Anyone regardless of ability, gender, socioeconomic status, and culture can just pick up a ball and play soccer. Soccer, in its purest form, is self-evidently an inclusive sport and because of this has become our mission at Triboro Soccer Club as well. At Triboro SC we achieve this by offering all levels of play from under six in-house, under seven in-house, recreation league play, and travel league play all the way up to U-19.

All coaches and Board of Directors are volunteers. Each coach, with support from our Board of Directors, has a close relationship with their team and sets the agenda for games, practices, tournaments, and training. Through inclusion, player development, and volunteer strength, Triboro SC works to ensure all players get the most value out of their soccer experience.